RAW´S Services


Full management and representation services for professionals and upcoming athletes.
As an athlete you should concentrate on your sport . RAW supports you within all management disciplines and helps you to increase your awareness level, image and market value.


Associate the image of your company or product with the sport or an athlete.
RAW is the best choice to find the sponsorship opportunities that best fit the needs of your company or product.


Development of marketing strategies and public relations plans. It all starts with the right strategy!
We increase athlete marketability through comprehensive strategic plans crafted for each individual client.


Professional consulting and support services in the event sector. RAW cooperates with global leading promotions and provides its knowledge and network in setting up sports events.


Check out the RAW clients and book an athlete. As a global, licensed partner of international athletes, RAW also works as a booking agency. Take advantage of our network and book your athlete for events, trade shows and seminars.